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  1. Mary briody nee Reynolds on

    Any history on mount st gardens which is now a car park I lived in the first of the 3 houses there I think originally it could have been a factory or a mill

    • Ruth Illingworth on

      Hi Mary,

      Mount Street Gardens was located beside what is now the County Buildings and was formerly the County Jail site. The roadway from Mount Street into the car park was once known as Connaught Lane-presumably because it led westwards. Part of the jail wall still stands along the south side of the lane.

      When the jail was demolished in 1910 the Connaught Lane area was taken over by prominent businessman and Town Commission member, P.J Weymes, who had a wool and hides business. He moved his business in there. At the entrance to Weymes’s, there was an archway which survived up until around the year 2000. P.J Weymes was one of the wealthiest men in Westmeath in the early 1900s and owned property across Mullingar, Kinnegad and elsewhere. He later went bankrupt and died in poverty.

      I am not sure how old the Mount Street Gardens houses were but I think they went back to the early 1900s.


      Ruth Illingworth

  2. Ben Seery on

    Many thanks for this great article and it has been very interesting to read and would be interesting to visit Mount Street at some point. He must have been revered if they named the street after him?